Young Audiences New York is our residency arts program which takes place during our student's instructional and after-school hours.

They have built a longstanding partnership with our school and family community.

The Bronx Arts Ensemble is a multidisciplinary arts organization serving its diverse communities and developing audiences through arts education and musical performances. Our professional teaching artists offer students a dynamic, first-hand experience in the full spectrum of all four disciplines.

Reading Rescue is a literacy intervention for elementary students and a professional development program for school staff members.

A school’s Reading Rescue trained tutors accelerate literacy in daily 30 minute sessions. The majority of students who receive the intervention accelerate to grade level within a semester, allowing tutors to serve at least two students each year.

Practice Makes Perfect is on a mission to provide high-quality academic summer programming to students in high-need communities.

Our vision is to redefine the summer learning experience for all children.

Cool Culture is a non-profit organization that helps New York City's most diverse families access and enjoy New York City's rich cultural life, in order to provide educational experiences for their children, and to serve as their child's primary educator.

Cool Culture helps over 50,000 income-eligible families access and enjoy 90 of NYC's world-class cultural institutions for free, providing children with experiences that improve literacy and learning.

With hands-on workshops reaching over 50,000 New Yorkers annually across all five boroughs, CookShop teaches nutrition and physical activity information, as well as cooking skills, fostering enthusiasm for fresh, affordable fruits, vegetables and other whole foods.

The CHAMPS Sport and Fitness Program is an initiative of the New York City Department of Education that promotes physical activity among children going through the critical years of middle school. The name CHAMPS derives from the initials of the five values that define our participants: Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated, and Positive Students.